Non- Surgical Face & Skin Lifting

Most people are familiar with surgical facelifts but many are not aware that there are non-surgical alternatives that they may wish to consider. As we get older, our muscle fibers stretch and lose their tightness causing a drooping appearance of the cheeks and chin.

M&T Center has computerized face lifting medical equipment that passes a low voltage electrical current via hand-held electrodes in order to stimulate selected muscle fibers. This stimulated contraction or exercise “works out” the muscle fibers, causing increased firmness in the area such as the face, neck, breast and buttocks.


Electrodes may also be employed to promote the penetration of skin medication deeper and in greater concentration into the skin layers.


This method can be used to :


-Accelerate melasma treatment

-Reduce cellulite & stretch marks

-Reduce dark circles and sags under the eyes

-Tighten open skin pores

-Reduce wrinkles and promote collagen & elastic fiber growth


Q: How long?
A: About 2 hours per session

Q: How often?
A: An initial cause of 10 sessions (twice per week) after which it is advised to continue one session every 1-2 weeks.

Q: Does it hurt?
A: Not at all. The electrodes are smooth-tripped and the electrical sensation is negligible.