Tight and firm skin, improve sagging problems, reduce fat and fine wrinkles.

The latest novel non-invasive, anti-aging face lifting treatment using High Intensity Focused Ultrasound technology to achieve a more V-shaped face, skin tightening and face lifting effect. Besides when each individual beam passed through the tissue, It creates a progressive thermal effect to the adipose tissue to stimulate the breakdown of fat cells at the shin and cheek areas.

It is pain free due to its latest technology use of ultrasound lines in fractionated mode.

How fast?
Result can be seen instantly and gradually increase to the maximum effect in two months as your skin continues to generate collagen.

How long?
45-60 minutes.

Any downtime?
No. Its allow you to return to your normal routine immediately.

How often?
Depends on the sagging severity of the skin. Normally ,the first year we recommend to do once every three months for three times and then repeat once a year.